Three-dimensional visualization showing developmental trajectories of AMLC, PSLC / MeLC and PGCLC lineages

Three-dimensional reconstruction of μPASEs at t = 36 h, stained for ISL1 (green), TBXT (red) and SOX17 (magenta)

Progressive development of pluripotent epiblast cysts from hESCs

Progressive development of posteriorized embryonic sacs from hESCs

Dynamic morphogenesis of amniogenesis and gastrulating cell formation in posteriorized embryonic sacs

Dynamics of BRACHYURY (T) expression in the incipient gastrulating epiblast during the development of a posteriorized embryonic sac

Sickle cell trait (SCT) RBCs are deformed under shear stress

Dynamics of stored RBCs in human-capillary-like microchannels

Hydrodynamic focusing of RBCs

High-throughput biophysical measurement of single cells

Electrical measurement of deformability

Constriction channel + impedance spectroscopy

Aspiration of a malignant urothelial cell